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You receive everything you need in this complete REOSniper Cookbook System - derived from Troy's very own deals. 

The course is a 5 Part Module Based Webinar with Hundreds of Dollars Worth of bonus material to help you Jump Start your business.


Module One: Will cover how to build your Business Plan. I am going to provide each student with their very own Business Plan that outlines how to completely attack this side of the industry. This is not a general overview – it’s a step-by-step plan to go out and find deals, fund deals and sell deals for profit.


Module Two: Will focus on working directly with sellers that have product for sale. In this module I will give you a step-by-step outline on how to reach out to sellers. In this module I will share with everyone 12 (newly created) powerful emails that will move each student to the top of each sellers Buyer List.  


Module Three: I will show you a behind the scenes look on how to keep from losing money when you are purchasing notes – trust me it can happen! I will also cover why you should just walk away from some trades no matter how good the pricing is.


Module Four: I will cover and show you the best way that I have found to attract investors to do JV trades with you in today’s market – even if you have never had SUCCESS in the note or real estate business. I will even provide you with a list of investors that want to provide you the capital to purchase the notes.


Module Five: In this module I will cover in detail how to get at least 5 deals completed in the next 30 days from completing the course. I am so committed to this process that I am even going to GIVE every student a very large nationwide list of 1st lien NPN’s that you can choose from so that you can get your business started – there will not be any excuse about finding REAL DEALS ever again.


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You're my customer after all and I truly care about you getting the kind of results you want to achieve.

And if you don't achieve those results, then I take that personally, so that's why I don't want to keep a red cent from you.

If for whatever reason you don't feel that this course was worth 10 times your investment, simply let me know within 30 days of ordering and I'll issue you a full refund, but you will need to show me that you actually put this course to work. You will need to submit 5 deals to me within those 30 days so I can see that you were actually trying and did not just buy the course and put it on the shelf.

In addition, if you invest in the training, follow my instructions and bring me a deal, I will close the deal and pay you your FEE + the cost of this training.


Best of Success,

Troy Fullwood

P.S. - Remember, it's "in your moments of decision your destiny is created". I have some disturbing news... it's in your moments of INDECISION your destiny is lost.

Will you let a $697 decision keep you from the Destiny you deserve? I hope not.


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